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hemicrania continua: ongoing unilateral suffering with episodes of severe discomfort. Hemicrania continua might be relieved from the medication indomethacin.

Mon tanku jani suni pacharili je nani aame ta ganji pindhu chhu tame ta kahin ki pinchu nahan sethu se hasi ki kahile are bokachoda jhia pila mane ganji pindhanti nahin semane bra pindhanti. Sethu moon pacha rili bra ra kama kan? Se kahili bra ra kama heuu chhi doodha ku tight kari dhariba.

Okay depart that matter there. Aaji mun mora +two belara expertise katha lekhibi. (ethhibi unhappy heiki rahi gali kintu maza bahut marichi)

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Normally, young children put up with exactly the same varieties of headaches as Grownups do, but their signs or symptoms could be slightly unique.

Obasyai chodabo, tor janyai to aj taratrai office theke firechi. Ei hot dress o toke kabja karar janyai. Pise mara jabar por ei gude kono laora dhoke ni re bokachoda.

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Dipu phoneta guder kache rekhe chudte thake. Mai guloke tipe saman kore dite thake. Ami edike orgasm or por orgasm e klanto.

Blouse ta aro tight hoye jai. Dekhe mone hochhe duto batabi lebu. Saritao nyloner merron ranger. Sarita navi theke nabiye dei. Ancholta clip kori na. anchol na sarale mai dekhabo ki kore.

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Bontaduto ton ton kore othe amio or nipple duto khutte thaki. Chimti katte thaki. O ar pare na bra er upor diyei ekta bontai kamor basai.

Se mora anta jabudi dharithila. Uppppppppp ohhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh Kichhi samay pare Hathat Mote lagila? sateki mora kan gote heijiba. Mo banda ru pich kari pari kan gote Lalua lalua bahari gala Ruby ra pati bhitare. Se tanti sukhi jaithibaru pii gala. Mo deha kan hoi jauthila.

ICHD-2 classifies headaches that are attributable to the ingestion of a specific material or by its withdrawal as secondary problems as well. This kind of headache may here well result through the overuse of some prescription drugs or by publicity to some substances. HIV/AIDS, intracranial infections and systemic bacterial infections may induce secondary headaches. The ICHD-2 system of classification contains the complications associated with homeostasis Problems within the class of secondary headaches. Therefore headaches caused by dialysis, higher blood pressure, hypothyroidism, and cephalalgia and perhaps fasting are thought of secondary problems. Secondary problems, based on the identical classification program, may also be as a result of injuries of any in the facial constructions which includes enamel, jaws, or temporomandibular joint. Complications due to psychiatric Issues like somatization or psychotic Issues can also be classified as secondary headaches.

Key exertional headache: throbbing, pulsatile agony which begins through or following doing exercises, Long lasting for 5 minutes to 24 hrs. The system behind these head aches is unclear, maybe because of straining triggering veins in The pinnacle to dilate, creating soreness.

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